Welcome to our on-line payment page. Selecting the "Process Payment" button on this page will submit your payment form to our banks' server in order to process your payment. We designed this page in order to provide our customers with the most secure method possible when processing on-line payments. When you pay your bill using this page, your credit card or bank account information is kept private and is not transmitted to 4 Guys Print & Mail. Your payment will be processed remotely and we will receive verification of payment for your order once it is approved.

Please select the type of job you that you are paying at this time. Please note that we have separate payments for postage and printing (or all other services). Once you select the job type, please select the type of payment method you want to use, credit card or on-line check. Discounts may apply*

Please fill out all sections of the form on the page and then select the "Process Payment" button at the bottom of the page. Please note that all fields are required in order to process your payment. Once completed the web page will change, showing the result of the transaction, and you will receive an email with a copy of your receipt. You can then close the page, your transaction is complete.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping you again in the near future.

Report any issues with the web site to:

 : WebAdmin@4guyspm.com

*A 3.5% discount will apply if paid by cash or check.